ON ROSH HASHANAH we cast away our sins and transgressions, at least symbolically. This year we have two ways to do so:
  • The first is to write down your mistakes on a piece of special paper that is  included in your High Holy Day Kit. Then you can put the paper in a bowl of water and watch it magically dissolve and disappear (of course, as Maimonides reminds us, we haven’t completed the work of the Holy Days until we’ve made things right with the people we hurt over the past year).
  • The second way is to take a handful of birdseed in your High Holy Day Kit and scatter it to the wind (preferably outside). Our cast off mistakes then become a treat for the birds. Kind of nice! Of course, you could do both ways!
Like this first verse of a poem by Rabbi Jill Hammer:
I cast this gift to the water.
It is my past: blessing and regret.
It is my present: reflection and listening.
It is my future: intention and mystery

A Personal Tashlich Experience