The Congregation Sinai Social Justice Committee takes the Jewish value of Tikkun Olam (repairing the world) and puts it into action. Programming starts in our synagogue community, and stretches out into our city, our state and our world. We work with many city and state-wide organizations. For more information about organizations with which we have worked and we support, please click on the links which will take you directly to that organization's website.

Congregation Sinai Social Justice Committee implements many programs throughout the year at Sinai. Annual programs include Social Action Shabbat services, Green Shabbat program, Film Series, Sukkah Garden, Mitzvah Day, and bringing in speakers with expertise on social justice topics. Current issues upon which we focus our attention include immigration, racial justice, prison reform and mass incarceration, poverty alleviation, and environmental preservation.

The Congregation Sinai Social Justice Committee meets monthly. If you are interested in joining the committee and/or being included on our email list, please contact Idy Goodman. Join the Social Justice Facebook Group to keep up-to-date on important issues and upcoming programs.

אני ואתה נשנה את העולם
You and I will change the world
Come join us.