Invocation for the M.I.C.A.H Annual Meeting

Delivered at the M.I.C.A.H (Milwaukee Inner-city Congregations Allied for Hope) Annual Meeting held at the Tabernacle Community Baptist Church on October 29, 2015


Eloheynu V’Elohey Avoteinu v’imoteinu…

Our God and God of our Mothers and Fathers:

Our gathering today brings needed hope into our world:

  •  A world where violence is an ever-present threat;
  •  Where distance grows between those with the most and those with the least;
  •  Where undocumented immigrants are called “illegal” by those whose own grandparents came to these shores for the very same reason – to seek a better life;
  •  Where the justice system deals ever so gently with white collar criminals but seems calibrated to incarcerate those without money and clout;

And so, the task before us clear and the resolve within us burns brightly. And we are grateful:

We thank God for the leadership of Reverend Marilyn Miller and her officers as she assumes her new role;

We thank all who are here and so many others whose efforts make better the lives of many in Milwaukee;

We pray that our efforts bear fruit;

  •  In the safe surrender program;
  •  In the Holy Ground Youth and Young Adult Project;
  •  In our efforts to help create jobs and increase economic justice.

Eloheinu v’Elohey Avoteinu uvaneinu….

Our God, and God of our ancestors and God of our children;

May we come to be of one mind and one heart, and through our holy partnership with You God, and with each other, may we continue to work to heal Milwaukee.

Ken Y’hi Ratzon – may it be God’s will.

Ken Y’hi r’tzoneinu – may it be our will.