A Prayer for the Refugees of Syria

A Prayer for the Refugees of Syria – (after David Grinspoon)
Delivered during the Vigil Service with New Sanctuary Movement – December 1, 2015


Almighty God, we pray for all refugees who seek a new life in safety and calm. We pray especially for the refugees from Syria who have been betrayed by their own government, and all but abandoned by the governments of the world. Source of Compassion, we have not forgotten that long ago You heard the cries of Hagar as she watched our cousin Ishmael suffer near to death; You gave her the promise of life. Today we pray that You hear the cries of innumerable Mothers Hagar lifting their hearts to You on behalf of their children and loved ones. Guide them to safety and shelter. Protect Your holy messengers from among all the worlds’ righteous who seek to make Your presence felt as a source of comfort for those seeking relief from war, violence, and death. Send consolation to those bereft of home and hearth and those who have suffered the loss of loved ones; may those suffering trauma and those in bereavement find wholeness and healing. Most of all dear God, cause Your spirit to dwell within all of Your human children so that the words of Your prophet come to fruition: that nation shall not lift up sword against nation—even its own people—and that war will be unlearned from the earth. Amen.