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Seder Prep

In advance of the Seder, prepare questions your children will have fun answering. For example:

· If you were a film director and could hire any actors you wanted, who would you have star as Pharaoh? As Moses? As each of the Four Sons?

· Passover is one of the most important times to invite guests to our home. We are even commanded to open the door and ask in “all those who are hungry” to come eat. Ask your children if they could invite anyone in the world to their Seder, who would they invite and why?

· Imagine a friendly Jewish space alien landed on your doorstep just before Passover and announced that he would like to conduct your Seder this year. He tells you, “We celebrate Passover on Planet Narzon also, though we have a few different traditions.” What might these be?

· To involve more folks in the actual recitation of the Four Questions, ask everyone who is the youngest of their own siblings to say the Four Questions. Another variation is to have the actual youngest present start them off, and then have all the youngest in all families to join in later.

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