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Plague Activities


Create ten paper bags, opening each bag as the Ten Plagues are read. Items to put inside:
· Squishy eyeballs for Boils
· Fake grasshoppers for vermin
· Tiny plastic skeletons for the slaying of the first born
· Ping-Pong balls for hail

For BLOOD, put a few drops of red food coloring into the water pitcher when no one is looking.
For FROGS, collect about fifty plastic frogs of all sizes in a basket .
For LICE, pass around a bottle of RID Shampoo.
For BEASTS, gather every scary looking plastic beastly animal you can find around the house.
For CATTLE DISEASE, cover a dozen large plastic cows in band-aides and bandages.
For BOILS, give each guest three round band-aids or round red stickers to stick on various and interesting places on their bodies.
For HAIL, the children can throw ping-pong (or cotton) balls.
For LOCUSTS, have a basket of plastic grasshoppers.
For DARKNESS, turn off all the lights and spend a few moments experiencing the dark.
DEATH OF THE FIRST BORN can be acted out in dramatic fashion by any first-born children at the seder.
Put each of the props in baskets so that each child is able to participate by handing them out at the appropriate time.

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