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Moonglow Review

Reviewed by Jayne Butlein

Moonglow (F CHA) Michael Chabon’s newest book, is as always with Chabon a pleasure to read. Open almost any page and you find quotable lines.

It is not a “quick read” because there are so many details packed into his descriptions that you want to savor your time with the novel. For example, on page 340 there is extremely specific detail regarding the doctor, his outfit, his degrees, and his chair. Necessary? No. Fun to read? Yes.

Notice, I used the term “novel”. Chabon refers to this book as a memoir; an interview with his dying grandfather. The publisher, HarperCollins, eliminated the C.I.P. number on the copyright page. C.I.P. stands for cataloging in publication. If the number begins 813, it means that the publisher considers the book a novel. So, I found it rather interesting that the publisher did not commit. Cross referencing stories in the book allowed me to consider it a novel.

The book’s title comes from his grandfather’s being born during the lunar eclipse of 1915, the grandfather’s obsession with the moon, and of course, the song.

I have put several of the more popular reviews in a pocket in the back of the book. The NY Times review is much better than mine. However, I do recommend that you read it.

If you choose to read our library’s copy instead of an ebook. Keep a dictionary nearby. I learned lots of new words.