Support Sinai by sending Mishloach Manot!

Purim is on the horizon and we look forward to a wonderful Megillah reading and Purim Spiel!

One way we celebrate Purim is by sending Mishloach Manot (gifts of food and treats) to family and friends. The Bible tells us that Jews first gave gifts of food to celebrate defeating Haman’s evil plot in the second century, b.c.e. Subsequently, the gift giving continued, reflecting the importance of friendship, community and connection.

This year, our Purim Mishloach Manot Package is appropriately themed: “Home for Purim… Stay-Cation!” The Mishloach Manot opportunity will benefit three groups:
  1. Members of our congregation;
  2. Participants in Chaverim, Milwaukee’s Jewish adult special needs program;
  3. Ten percent of each order will purchase food for the Jewish Community Food Pantry, fulfilling the Purim tradition of Matanot La’Evyonim (gifts for the needy).
How Mishloach Manot works:  There’s a number of ways to participate, from helping to provide a Purim package for every Sinai household, a portion of the congregation, just school families or individual households. Each household will receive one package with a printed list of all those who underwrote the gift. Select from the following:
  • The Whole Megillah – Gifts for Entire Congregation & Chaverim (Jewish Adult Special Needs) for $250.00
  • The Gift of Esther – Gifts for 100 Names for $150.00
  • The Gift of Mordechai – Gifts for Entire school for $100.00
  • The Gift of Friendship – Gifts for 10 names or a school class for $50.00
  • The Gift of Purim – Gift for 1 name for $10.00

Mishloach Manot sales for this year have ended.  Thank you to everyone who ordered! 
To Order Online:
  1. Fill out the online order form below AND
  2. Click THIS LINK to choose your names if necessary.  If you order the Whole Megillah or The Gift of Mordechai, you do not need to complete this step.
To Order By Mail:
  1. Print out THIS FORM and send with a check to: Congregation Sinai – Attn: Mishloach Manot, 8223 N. Port Washington Rd, Fox Point, WI 53217.
Please consider a generous gift of $250.00 to give Mishloach Manot to each family in our Congregation and the Chaverim program (Jewish adult special needs). Additionally, 10 percent of your order will be put towards the purchase of food for the Jewish Community Food Pantry. All Mishloach Manot will include your name listed with a Purim Greeting, and each will benefit Congregation Sinai and the Dick Kaeppel Youth Scholarship Fund.

Mishloach Manot Online Order Form