Our Sinai Librarian, Jayne Butlein, shares her personal thoughts about the books she has been reading in the Sinai Library

  • The Bridge Ladies: A Memoir

    The Bridge Ladies: A Memoir by Betsy Lerner (B Ler). When Lerner’s mother, Roz became ill, Betsy somewhat reluctantly stepped up to care for her.  Because their relationship had been one of strained civility over the years, Lerner attempted to learn more about her mother in order to understand and...

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  • The Girl from Venice

    Martin Cruz Smith’s latest novel, The Girl from Venice (F Smi) takes place in Pellestrtina, a small fishing community on one side of the Venice Lagoon in 1945. It is almost the end of the war, but while most citizens are tired of the fight, the Germans are still in...

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  • Linda Frank Books

    Milwaukeean, Linda Frank has written two novels, After the Auction (F Fra) and The Lost Torah of Shanghai (F Fra). I must confess that in the past, whenever I have read books by friends, I have always been disappointed. These books, while not in contention for the Mann Booker Prize,...

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  • Moonglow Review

    Reviewed by Jayne Butlein Moonglow (F CHA) Michael Chabon’s newest book, is as always with Chabon a pleasure to read. Open almost any page and you find quotable lines. It is not a “quick read” because there are so many details packed into his descriptions that you want to savor...

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