Celebrate Chanukah & Rockin' Shabbat

Friday, December 15 | 6:15 pm Service | 7:15 pm Dinner & Party


Register Online for dinner by December 11

Rockin' Shabbat Service

Services start at 6:15pm

Kabbalat Shabbat services will feature the Rockin' Shabbat Band and include the lighting of the Chanukiah.


Latka Dinner

Dinner served at 7:15pm

Register Online

Register by December 11: $10 adults | $7 children 4-12 | Children 3 and under FREE
Register Dec 12-13: $12 adults | $8 children 4-12 | Children 3 and under FREE
Register Dec 14-15 or Walk in: $15 adults | $10 children 4-12 | Children 3 and under FREE

Mitzvah Menorah Gift Wrapping

mitzvah-menorahGifts that were purchased by congregants for our Mitzvah Menorah project will be organized on tables according to age and gender of the children. Wrapping paper and card supplies will be out on tables so that we can wrap the gifts to be distributed by Tikkun Ha'ir to the Cathedral Center, Casa Maria, Milwaukee Women’s Shelter, and Hope House.

Didn't take a candle yet? There are still candles available in the lobby of Congregation Sinai or call the office so we can pick one out for you over the phone. See the list on the right for shopping suggestions.

Dreidel Bowl 201

Think you have what it takes to be the Dreidel spinning champion of Sinai? We will have multiple contests to enter including: longest spin, most gimmels in one minute, and most creative spin. Prizes will be awarded.

Sufganiyot Oneg

sufganiyot-onegWhat are sufganiyot, you ask?

sufganiyot: סופגניות (pronounced SOOF-gah-nee-OHT) are round jelly doughnuts eaten in Israel and around the world during Chanukah. The doughnut is deep-fried, filled with jelly or custard, and then topped with sugar. At Chanukah, we observe the custom of eating fried foods in commemoration of the miracle associated with the Temple oil.

Mmmmmm.... yummy!


Mitzvah Menorah

mitzvah-menorah-2016Grab a candle for boys and girls, ages 0 to 18. No gift cards, cash or large toys - families have limited storage space and move frequently. Items should be portable.

More ideas & shopping links from Tikkun Ha-ir

Things Kids Need:
* Pajamas
* Boots
* Slippers
* Shower shoes
* Pocket games
* Books (Age appropriate and sensitive to race/ethnicity. Books that have either animals as the characters or people who are Black, Brown and/or multicultural.)
* Stuffed animals, smaller size, so they can be easily stored
* Dolls and action figures that are not white only
* Games that do not have lots of small pieces or are in a bag that can be re-used. (The games should have clear directions and not require adult supervision.)
* Art supplies – not too many pieces and in a reusable container.
* No battery toys, unable to replenish batteries.
* Word searches, other type of game books

Especially For Teenagers:
* Ear phones for electronic devices
* Small speakers for electronic devices
* Cassette earphone splitter to share music
* Beauty supplies for hair and nails
* Nice soft small blanket to wrap in when watching tv or reading
* Books, for their age level
* Adult coloring books & colored pencils