We Know...

• Sinai offers a unique experience that is not replicated  elsewhere in the area. Our members care deeply about the Sinai community and its future.

• Our members desire a stable Congregation Sinai. They will invest for the future both spiritually and financially.

• Increased financial stability strengthens our ability to attract and retain talent and members.

• This is an opportunity for our current congregants to “pay it forward” and provide current and future generations with a home for spirituality, learning, social justice and community.

Join us as we all play our part in supporting
and improving the Sinai community for years to come!

We have put in the work to create a successful fundraising campaign.

• Key donors are willing to provide a stable financial footing for Sinai, provided there is broad-based financial support from our members.

• We have recruited a Campaign Cabinet with strong co-chairs.

• We have exceeded over 50% of our goal to date.

Our goal is 100% participation!

Download, print, and complete form then email here

If you have questions about the Campaign for Tomorrow or would like to schedule a private meeting with members of our Campaign Cabinet, please contact our Campaign staff.

Campaign Co-chairs
Larry Glusman
Marlene Lauwasser
Julie Lookatch
Tedd Lookatch
Susan Stuckert

Campaign Cabinet
Rabbi David Cohen
Idy Goodman
Rob Hieb
Sarah Hwang
Steve Kravit
Patti Levy
John “Chip” Mann
Nick Padway
Jim Phillips
Jim Salinsky
Andy Schlesinger
Dick Seesel
Andy Tarnoff

Campaign Staff
Karen Berk
Jen Friedman