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Reflections, May 2016

Author: Rabbi Jay Brickman
Published in the May-July Sinai News

I had not in the past understood why our ancient rabbis determined that 30 days was the appropriate period of mourning for a spouse. About that time has passed since Rita’s death, and I am beginning to feel my respiration return to normal and blood begin to circulate through my veins. My brain, which had been quite dormant, is beginning to function, and I am starting to plan for the weeks and
months ahead.

I have registered for 2 one-week classes in June at Bjorklunden, a learning center in Door County. I have been invited to preach one Sunday there at the Unitarian Fellowship. If all goes well, I may spend the balance of the summer at our home in Door County. I may also volunteer to conduct High Holy Day services for a congregation (perhaps in the South) that is too small to employ a rabbi.

I want to thank my Sinai friends for the warmth and encouragement extended to me during this difficult period. I hope, with God’s help, to meet with a modicum of success in grappling with whatever challenges
lie ahead.

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