Congregation Sinai depends upon our talented and dedicated lay leadership to work in partnership with our staff to create and maintain Sinai's vision and vitality. Sinai's board is diverse, and it includes veteran and new members of the congregation, all of whom bring a variety of perspectives to the table.


Executive Committee

Co-President: Nick Padway

Co-President: Janet Padway

Vice Presidents:
Jenni Goldbaum

Dick Seesel

Mike Weinshel

Treasurer: Michael Hool

Secretary: Josh Parkes


Mitch Colton

Melissa Chudnow

Dan Elias, Past President

Reva Fox

Douglas "Zvi" Frazer

Jenni Goldbaum

Larry Glusman

Michael Hool

Marc Kartman, Past President

Judi Ketten, Past President

Julie Lookatch

Chip Mann, Past President

Alan Mendeloff

Jennifer Moglowsky

Donna Neubauer

Josh Parkes

Jordan Primakow

Joanne Roberts

Gillian Rodger

Carmel Sweet

Andy Tarnoff